PRSA Austin Chapter Members Share Their Experiences

Patti Kelly, APR
Company Spokeswoman
StateFarm of Texas

“Through the APR process, I learned how to take any situation – regardless of the industry – and break it down into a communications plan.  I have a better understanding of all of the elements of a plan, including research, planning, goals, strategies, objectives, messaging, and budgeting.  

I now have more credibility in the eyes of my company executives. They seek out and listen to my counsel.  Having my APR has given me a ‘seat at the table’ when it comes to company communications strategy. 

The job market is extremely competitive where I live. I know that having my APR gives me an edge above other PR professionals who do not when seeking new opportunities. 

Going through the process of accreditation taught me many things about my craft – and myself. It takes discipline to achieve the APR.  PR professionals are busy people, and you must manage your time wisely to accomplish your APR.  In doing so, it will take your career to the next level. 

Ryan’s APR class was absolutely essential to my understanding of the APR process and ultimately achieving my APR. Without our sessions, I would have struggled to stay on track with my studies. Ryan’s class offered a supportive learning environment – and she made it fun. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering the APR.”  

Catlin New, APR
Account Supervisor

 “It is said that nothing in life worth doing is easy, and this was true for me in earning my APR. While the APR process is meant to challenge you to think strategically and test your mental acuity and skill for all things public relations, the APR readiness classes in which I participated last year were instrumental to the success of my preparation and studies. These classes help you understand what the process looks like; get you prepared for the Readiness Review and eventually, the computer-based exam; and are a great outlet for exchanging concepts and ideas about the testing material. Earning my APR without these classes would have been much more difficult."

Andrew Tanker, APR
Public Relations Manager 

“Like many others before me, I tried to complete the program on my own, but found it too overwhelming and was unsuccessful in my attempt. Ryan’s course broke the process down into easy-to-complete steps and allowed me to connect to three others who were invaluable resources as we achieved our APRs together.”