Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)

Ready to pursue an APR, but don’t know where to start?

In our ever-evolving industry, practitioners must stay ahead of the curve to get a seat at the executive table, and the APR gives you the credentials to do so.

Pursuing an accreditation in public relations is worth it, but there are many steps involved. It takes dedication, hard work and a commitment to excellence. It will challenge your thinking and identify growth areas, but will also help you overcome future obstacles and solidify your role as an ethical practitioner.

Obtaining your accreditation means so much more than the distinction of adding letters to your name; it proves your devotion to your field of work, represents a higher caliber of professionalism and puts you in a distinct class of professionals who personify success.

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Candidate Requirements:

  • Must be a member of PRSA or other member organization as designated by the UAB (Become a member of PRSA Austin Chapter).

  • Must have applied for and received approval from the UAB. (Application form)

  • Must have paid public relations experience. It’s recommended (but not required) that candidates have 5+ years of full-time employment in the field. Throughout the accreditation process, candidates must illustrate expert knowledge of the core competencies in which they’ll be tested.


Public relations pros looking to accelerate their expertise, and improve their strategic abilities can sign up for the Public Relations Society of America Austin Chapter’s informational courses.

Throughout the year, we’ll host prep courses and match you with APR mentors who will guide you through the process of achieving your Accreditation in Public Relations. Check out events calendar to find out when the next prep course is, or email our Director of Accreditation.


The UAB offers a wide array of free online resources to help you achieve your accreditation in public relations. Visit the website for a list of offerings.

For questions or more information, email [email protected].