Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

PRSA Austin is committed to ensuring the chapter is a welcoming body and relevant resource for all PR practitioners. We The PRSA Austin Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports and identifies the diversity and inclusion needs of PRSA Austin.

For more about our work, contact our Diversity Chair at [email protected] 


 The PRSA National Diversity and Inclusion Committee has defined its role with regard to diversity and inclusion as follows: To champion diversity of thought, cultures, disciplines, ideals, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation age and veteran’s status in order to develop an inclusive Society. By reaching out to and involving members who represent a broad spectrum of differences, we will encourage and educate others about the benefits of a diverse profession by providing professional development, knowledge and support to help them succeed in public relations.

Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

 PR Pros Discuss Leading the Conversation at Work About Race and Racial Injustice

 The Value of Diversity (PRSA Diversity and Inclusion)

GLAAD Media Reference Guide

Opportunity Agenda’s Social Justice Phrase Guide

The Human Right’s Campaign Workplace Resources

Style Guides

A Progressive’s Style Guide (PDF)

Conscious Style Guide

Diversity Style Guide


What are the most effective ways to increase diversity in the C-suite and build inclusive company-wide cultures?” (PR Council)

50 Best Workplaces for Diversity” (Fortune)

We all need to be diversity champions” (PRWeek)

Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce” (Forbes)

The Latest News on Diversity” – (US News & World Report)



Our Original Statement of Commitment

The PRSA Austin Chapter pledges to weave diversity and inclusion into every aspect of our work, ensuring that diversity is reflected through our programs, leadership and communications structure. PRSA Austin is also committed to taking action to fulfill the goals of promoting diversity and inclusion in our city and in our profession. Both the Austin Board of Directors and the Committee for Diversity exist to align with this greater goal on the local level, reflecting the national effort to extend opportunities in our industry to all people.

Signed by,
PRSA Austin Board of Directors, 2019